Posted Nov 9, 2022

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35 Zoom Virtual Background Photos to Brighten Up Your Calls

Design & Inspiration

Design & Inspiration

35 Zoom Virtual Background Photos to Brighten Up Your Calls

How to use interesting Zoom virtual backgrounds

Apart from lightening the mood, you can use background images to let your personality color the conversation. If you are among familiar colleagues or friends, use an image to bring up an inside joke and add some laughter to the call.

Plus, a background photo always comes in handy if you need to mask your real background. We know you meant to fold that laundry; you just lost track of time ;).

Thanks to modern pop culture and the internet with its inexhaustible ability to create bizarre trends, you will have no problem finding an entertaining photo to use as your Zoom background image.

In this article, we have rounded up 35 of the most entertaining Zoom backgrounds on the Internet. They will definitely spark interest during those Zoom calls, but in case you don’t like them, don’t worry, we’ll give you tips on how to create your own.

How to set up your Zoom virtual background

Setting up a virtual background for your Zoom calls is quite easy. First things first, though, check if your processor can handle virtual backgrounds.

Start by heading over to the Zoom web portal and clicking the settings tab.

zoom settings

Once there, scroll down until you see the virtual background option and make sure to select it.


That’s pretty much it! Once you have this option enabled, simply select the background of your choice during your calls. Here’s how to do it:

If you’re on desktop:

1. Head over to Settings

2. From the Menu on the left, select Virtual Background Tab

3. Click the + icon and upload an image of the your choice

virtual background

If you’re on mobile:

1. While the call is running, click the three dots at the bottom right to open More

2. Select Virtual Background

3. Upload to Zoom the image of your choice

You can use pretty much any image ratio, but it would be best to adjust it to fit your camera. For example, if your camera is set to 16:9, an image of 1280 x 720 pixels or 1920 x 1080 pixels would look best.

However, if you really want to make the most of cool virtual backgrounds in Zoom it’s best to have the green screen set up. This is because the image will be projected onto the screen behind you to result in total immersion. On the other hand, if you have a relatively solid, flat wall in your background, you may get away with it even without a green screen.

But if you don’t want to take any chances, head over to Amazon and order a green screen for yourself.

35 great Zoom virtual background photos to spice up those boring calls

We scoured every corner of the internet (including Reddit) to bring you the best of the best. Take a look at our collection of amazing backgrounds you can use on Zoom.

1. Pub photo

Manchesters Stunning Pubs

Check in from your favorite pub. We’re pretty sure there will be no objections if the next round’s on you!

2. Funny cat


This new addition to your classroom or office will surely be a hit.

3. Funny dog


Feeling restless? Take some time to chill with your barking buddy.

4. The Iron Throne


The last episode may have aired, but the show hasn’t faded from our memories. Place yourself on the Iron Throne and rule the Zoom meeting from your spiky chair!

5. Something clever


You’ll have a great time finding out who gets the joke.

6. Minecraft


This is and will always be a classic. If nothing else, you’ll have something to discuss if the call gets boring. Watch out for that creeper!

7. Seinfeld


There probably isn’t a single person who doesn’t remember this scene. You can simply expect Kramer to barge through that door at any second!

8. The office

The Office

The iconic confession wall from one of the funniest TV shows in the last decade. What has happened in Dunder Mifflin today?

9. Tiger King

tiger king

If you haven’t watched Tiger King yet, you should definitely check out this Netflix miniseries about the strange lives of wild animal trainers. Seeing this will remind everyone about the bizarre life of zookeeper Joe Exotic.

10. A perfect gift during the pandemic


We’re just gonna leave this here.

11. A bit of cheering up

youre nothing believe in yourself

A bit of motivation never hurt anybody.

12. Anime room


This image is sure to spark some major fangirl moments.

13. Bob’s burgers


Let the burgers speak for themselves.

14. Everything is fine


With life being the rat race that it is, we’re pretty sure all your colleagues can relate to this.

15. Futurama jar


Got a whole lot of info to keep in mind? Make this storage jar the icon of your call.

16. Hospital bed


If you’re not feeling your best today but feel awkward admitting it, why not drop a hint?

17. IT crowd


Check which one of your colleagues remembers this iconic setting.

18. John Wick – Parabellum


Skip the entertaining ones and go for an eerie futuristic background instead.

19. Married… with kids!


Use this background photo as a tribute to the most famous women’s shoe salesman – Peggy!

20. Matrix


Choose the red pill.

21. The Shining


The perfect luxury hotel to holiday in. Surely, nothing can go wrong…

22. Starship Enterprise


Boldly go where no man has gone before.

23. Super Mario Brothers


Another classic favorite. Let’s jump on some turtles.

24. The Big Lebowski


The perfect companions for a Zoom call.

25. The Joker’s staircase


A trip to Gotham will make you realize your Zoom call isn’t all that bad.

26. True detective


Adding a modern Sherlock Holmes vibe will give your colleagues something to focus on.

27. The White House


The best way to announce a VIP is in the house.

Zoom background photos created with Glorify

While there are plenty of free Zoom backgrounds available online, you might not be able to find one that really appeals to you. You may also have a theme in mind, but are unable to find a suitable image.

At times like this, it's always best to get your creative juices flowing and design your own images. Glorify is an easy-to-use- design tool that allows anyone to create professional images. It doesn't matter if you've never designed an image in your life. Glorify provides simple tools as well as advanced features so that beginners and professionals can create images for any purpose or platform.

Take a look at some of these captivating Zoom background photos designed with Glorify.

1. The classic interior

2. The state-of-the-art kitchen

3. The spotless living room

4. The house tour

5. The classic office scene

6. Abstract images

7. Nature

8. The big city

How to create Zoom background photos using Glorify

Now that you've had plenty of inspiration, it's time to create your own Zoom background images. Glorify is easy to use and you can create professional, creative images within minutes. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: On the left side of your dashboard, click the "Create Design" button.

Step 2: Enter the correct dimension of your image (1920 by 1080 pixels) and click “Add”.

Step 3: Customize your image by adding a desired background and color. Simply go to the elements panel and select "Background image". You can choose an image from our library or upload your own.

Step 4: Add text by clicking the text icon on the toolbar on the upper right side of the canvas. You can customize your text by going to the edit panel.

Step 5: Use the elements panel to add illustrations, icons, logos or graphics.

Step 6: After finalizing the design of your Zoom background image, simply download it.

Finishing thoughts

And there you have it – 35 amazing photos to use as your virtual Zoom background. If these gave you a dose of inspiration and you want to create a custom image for your Zoom calls, you know where to head.

So get started with Glorify!

Zoom Virtual Background Photos - FAQs

1. How can I create customized Zoom backgrounds with Glorify?

Browse Glorify’s vast library of pre-designed templates and pick one that catches your eye. Customize it with your preferred fonts, icons, images and colors. You can even design your own template from scratch.

2. What type of images can be used for Zoom backgrounds?

You can get as creative as you want with Zoom backgrounds. Glorify offers a vast range of templates from various categories such as music, arts, quotes, nature, HD images, sports, vehicles and much more. Choose the ones you like best and customize them to get unique Zoom backgrounds.

3. How long does it take to create customized Zoom background images?

With Glorify, the process is quick and easy. You can create a customized Zoom background image within minutes.

4. How do you get background pictures for Zoom?

You can add a Zoom background while on the call itself. If you don't like the options given by Zoom, there are websites that offer free Zoom background photos. You can also create your own customized images using Glorify.

5. Can I upload my own background in Zoom?

Yes. Zoom gives users the option of choosing from a fixed selection or uploading their own.

6. How do I download free Zoom backgrounds?

Zoom background images can be downloaded for free from the Zoom app itself. Log into your account and click the gear icon in the top right-hand corner. Go to "Settings" and click "Virtual Background" in the left menu. You will be presented with a selection of background images which can be downloaded. You can also create your own background images using Glorify.

7. Are backgrounds on Zoom free?

Yes. You can get free backgrounds by logging into your Zoom account and choosing from among the ones presented to you. You can also create your own background images using Glorify.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here