Posted Apr 28, 2023

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Create an Engaging Product Gallery for Amazon Listings with our Pillar Page Guide



Create an Engaging Product Gallery for Amazon Listings with our Pillar Page Guide

Amazon Product Listing - The Ultimate Comprehensive Guide for Increased Conversions

Everything you need to know when selling on Amazon and how to get noticed, create professional product photography, and become a household brand is covered in this article.

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We answer questions you have been asking, and information you may not have thought of or considered, and offer tips and advice on how best to execute a great product listing to drive traffic and boost sales.

There is always more you can do

Always work towards the professional option.

Too often people think that they can simply register and create an account with Amazon and begin uploading product images onto the Amazon platform and ideally, start seeing sales. But this could not be more naïve and going about it is more in-depth than that, but that does not go to say it cannot be done.

We have researched all the angles and avenues and identified the necessary requirements set out by Amazon that are mandatory when it comes to images and uploading them onto your site. What you need to keep in mind, however, is that taking a photo is not just a click-and-collect action, but rather informed decisions taken with image optimization at the forefront.

Here at Glorify, we are well-versed in all aspects involving graphic design and image optimization. Together we can help you to be more informed when considering product image listings and our expert design team can help create professional images and webpages for your next project.

Let’s take a look at - Topics covered

If ever you felt overwhelmed or had doubts f what to do, don’t stress, we have you covered. Check out the following categories and discover how you can take your online E-commerce brand to the next level while boosting traffic to your site via professionally executed product listing imagery.

  1. Amazon Listing Optimization

  2. Amazon Product Images - Requirements

  3. Amazon Product Images - Best Practices

  4. Images for Amazon Listings

  5. Amazon Affiliate Product Images

  6. Best Practices for E-Commerce Images

1. Beginner’s Guide to Amazon product listing Optimization

What is Product Listing Optimization?

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When we think of optimizing and what that means we understand that it is essentially all about making the best of a current situation, or in this case, a resource, and in doing so it results in a positive outcome. And when we want to create stand-out-from-the-crowd product images, and even more so on Amazon, we need to be optimizing anything that needs to be or can be optimized.

Amazon product optimization is the process of optimizing your product images to increase sale conversions and encourage foot traffic. Implementing this tactic is a crucial step in e-commerce and essential if you want to rank on the first page of search engine results.

In this case, sellers will benefit from knowing what they are trying to rank for and the relevant keywords for this to happen. By following a few simple steps and executing keyword-rich titles or product features for Amazon Listing Optimization you can see which keywords are ranking, and those that aren’t can be relooked at and tweaked.

2. Amazon Product Images - Requirements

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Shopping with your eyes, it’s human nature.

A great image speaks volumes and shouts its message from the rooftop, all without the clutter of text or what some may consider, gimmicky, infographics. This simple step will be the game changer for your brand and product awareness, and when done well and with a professional flare to match, could lead to a transformational experience. Where you were once a mediocre second-tier ranking product image now has you being a first-page regular, yes, please.

Amazon, like all high-quality corporations, has image requirements and guidelines that must be adhered to before you are considered for product uploading. Take a moment to check out these Amazon product Image requirements which are simple, easily achievable, and maintainable, and when you see the final image you will understand the power an image can evoke from a customer’s emotion. Your goal is to connect with customers on all levels, and a great photograph can do just that.

3. Amazon Product Images - Best Practices

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High-quality product images are an integral implementation in E-commerce businesses and optimizing them for SEO practices will only work to your advantage. Once you understand why images need to be presented in a specific manner you will not only see an increase in foot traffic to your site but a boost in revenue, people always prefer quality over quantity, and this is where you can up your game.

You may have a great camera, an expensive one too, and enjoy taking photographs, but nothing can top a professional photographer with their arsenal of equipment and tools, and hiring a professional will elevate your great products that much further. See this article and guide on which practices to consider for a more detailed look at the Best Practices for Amazon Product Images, and we are all aware that the more effort you put in the more reward you will reap.

4. Images for Amazon Listing

a screenshot of a wireframe of a product listing

If you were wondering how to stand out from the pack on a crowded selling platform like Amazon then high-quality, high-resolution image photography is a must but something too many sellers overlook. Customers need to feel immersed in the product, and if they can’t see what they are getting they are going to keep browsing and scrolling past your site.

Images not only need to adhere to Amazon image requirements but need to have an overall professional feel. Your Amazon Listing Product Images are a representation of your brand, and your company, and should be showcased in a way that highlights their features and tells the customer why it is the better choice over other products on the market.

Show the product being used in daily life for an emotional connection with customers, but be sure they can zoom into the item if need be to see fine details and bespoke elements. Your images need to be great but viewable across devices including mobiles.

5. Amazon Affiliate Product Images

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Giving credit where credit is due is not enough to use Amazon images on your site without permission. If you do want to keep up to date with the latest product images then joining the Amazon Affiliates Associate Program is the first stepping stone and will essentially get your foot in the door.  Most images used on Amazon are NOT copyright-free, they are owned, if not by the manufacturer, then certainly by Amazon and you will need permission to use them.

It is a simple procedure that can be implemented quickly and you will have current product images to integrate into your affiliate site in no time, but if are at all concerned or unsure then using your own images is another option, or purchasing stock images online works just as well. Creating your Amazon Affiliates Program account is free and can be completed in a few minutes then you can begin searching for images to elevate your site, and ideally, earn a small commission in the process. To learn more check out our tips and guidance for Amazon Affiliate Product Images so your product and brand make a lasting first impression.

6. Best Practices for E-Commerce Images

 a screenshot of a wireframe of multiple products

Driving foot traffic to your site and then ideally increasing conversion rates is the main objective of an online selling platform. There are a few simple integrations you can implement to get the ball rolling if you believe your site could use a refresher course, and then some that take a little more effort, practice, and patience to perfect but the rewards are well worth it.

Product imagery is the first contact customers discover when they land on your brand, so it makes sense for them to see you in your best light, right? Consider what you look for or are drawn to when you shop online, is it great photos, or do you lean more toward wordy texts and infographics? In most cases, it is the former, and for good reason, a professionally taken image can speak volumes without saying anything, and this is how you make the customer connection.

Some of the best practices for e-commerce images can be elevated with a simple tweak or edit, or even adjusting an angle to see unique product features to draw the customer in. Sometimes it is true that less is more, and overcomplicating things can quickly get messy and look unprofessional. Take the time to see your site from a customer perspective and ensure you are offering quality rather than mediocre quantity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Image Optimization and is it important?

Image optimization involves a seller actively enhancing their platform product images. This is done through either using professional photographers for high-quality images, ensuring you adhere to platform upload image requirements in terms of sizing and resolutions so as not to be rejected, or giving your customers the best online shopping experience you can.

The importance of a great product image cannot be emphasized enough and is too often the downfall of many brands when it is such a simple fix. As humans, we shop with our eyes, across all industries, and because the online world eliminates the sense of touch, taste, and smell, visual imagery must be at its highest.

  • Can I sell products on Amazon for free?

No, it is not free but yes you can sell your products on Amazon with a few conditions. Amazon is undoubtedly a global platform that is host to over 300 million sellers and users at any given time, which only means you will need to work that little bit harder to be noticed. They offer two plans for sellers from a per-unit ($0.99) sales look to a monthly standard fee ($39.99) irrespective of how many units you sell, think about your stock and your goals and choose the most suitable plan.

Creating a free account to become an Amazon Affiliates Program member is also a good way to get your foot in the door if you want up-to-date product photos for free, you will need permission to use them. Uploading your product images onto the platform won’t cost you but your images do need to meet the standard requirements so costs could come in to hire a professional photographer (optional).

  • Can I sell anything on Amazon?

In a sense, yes, but it is predetermined by the items being sold, the category they fall into, and the demographic being sold to. Many brands and companies sell a whole host of products, but if it is a more specialized item it may require a licensed professional seller to be authorized by Amazon.

  • How do I get started selling on Amazon?

You can click here for a more in-depth look into the process but to narrow it down into a more simplified version, for better understanding, starting out selling on Amazon will take some time.

  1. Register an account on Amazon

  2. Create your product listing

  3. Manage your Inventory

These are the fundamentals and certainly, by taking in the above points in the articles into consideration and implementing them into your new e-commerce business you will need to ensure the working components are of high quality along the way. Once you are up and running;

  1. Follow up on customer reviews - this is crucial in building your brand

  2. Optimize your product listing by seeing which items sell more and why

The Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon

There is no sugarcoating it, Amazon is the place to be. Studies have shown that more than 200 million customers prefer purchasing from Amazon over other online retailers with more than 100 million customers part of Amazon Prime.  And as the world is moving more and more towards online it only makes sense to be part of the evolution of sales and get your foot in the online selling market, but is it all it is cracked up to be? Let’s take a look and help you decide if it is for you.


  • Increased sales

  • Worldwide reach

  • Cost-effective Marketing

  • No stock holding


  • Extensive competition

  • There are fees involved

  • Order Management

  • The data feed can be complex


Increased Sales - Millions of customers visit Amazon every month to shop for products and if you have what they are looking for (with great product images to match-see the above) then you will quickly see an increase in conversion rates and sales. When a brand sells on Amazon they have already earned the trust of customers knowing Amazon is a reputable and reliable firm, so half the battle is won.

Worldwide Reach - As a global selling and buying platform you can reach a much wider audience without all the added legwork. Win-win. Countries around the world are implementing Amazon practices into their online and e-commerce businesses and with international shipping at the forefront it is easier than ever to buy and sell online through Amazon.

Cost-Effective Marketing - Half the work is done because the Amazon platform is already visited daily without you needing to market your niche, and if your genre is more bespoke and your target demographic is more refined you have an increased chance of awareness. So the initial marketing needed for products is taken out of the equation and can always be integrated at a later stage to boost sales.

No Stock Holding - Amazon fulfillment centers around the world make life so easy, and stress-free, and all the while you don’t have hoards of stockpiles around you. Simply by shipping your products to them in bulk, they will store them, package them, and ship them. What more could you want?


Extensive Competition - It is no secret that Amazon is a thriving marketplace for brands, companies, sellers, buyers, and budding entrepreneurs, but this also means it is home to more than 6.5 million active sellers (as of 2021) and increasing all the time. This can make standing out a little tricky. But with our tips and guidance above you should see positive changes and results before you know it.

There are fees involved - Amazon does charge a commission on every sale made whether it be one item or millions of items, not bad going if you ask me. So any notions or theories that you can simply upload and begin selling are not true you will need to sign up for one of the two payment plan options.

Order Management - While selling on multiple marketplaces and platforms may seem like a good idea, when the orders start rolling in fast and thick you need to be on top of your game for delivery and status updates. If not, you may end up selling items that are sold out due to status updates not being fulfilled until the order has been completed and dispatched. The last thing you want on your hands is angry customers frustrated their purchase is on backorder.

Data Feed can be Complex - Many people don’t realize this but one of the requirements for selling through Amazon is that they need a product data status update daily which can be tricky but certainly tedious especially if you have multiple sales across various platforms.

With that being said; Our Final thoughts

Ultimately, how and why you decide to sell your products is up to you, but if you do opt for Amazon, now you have an arsenal of information to work with and implement to your business advantage. Starting a business, in general, is no easy feat but with the Amazon tools and features available the job can be executed well and with efficacy.

Combine that with the immense information, tips, and guidance on how to layout your product listings and how best to portray your product images there can be no stopping you. Whether you choose to sell on Amazon or your own platform great imagery will get you there, and consistency will keep you there. Here’s to your business adventures flourishing, and happy sales.

The path to Glory begins here

The path to Glory begins here