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Glorify Team

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Enhance Product Image Creation with Glorify's Interactive Dropshipping Tool



Enhance Product Image Creation with Glorify's Interactive Dropshipping Tool

Enhance Product Image Creation with Glorify's Interactive Dropshipping Tool
Enhance Product Image Creation with Glorify's Interactive Dropshipping Tool
Enhance Product Image Creation with Glorify's Interactive Dropshipping Tool
Enhance Product Image Creation with Glorify's Interactive Dropshipping Tool

Elevate Your Product Image Creation With Glorify’s Interactive Dropshipping Tool

If you’re looking to stand out in the crowded dropshipping industry, one place you can focus on is creating high-quality product images. Integrating attractive product images into your online store has become quite essential in today's visually-driven market.

There are many different dropshipping tools and softwares available on the web. However, if you are looking for a tool that is particularly designed to meet the product image creation needs of dropshippers, Glorify is definitely the right tool for you.

Glorify App is an interactive design tool that can be used to create professional and engaging visuals for all your digital needs. The easy-to-use interface and the availability of a diverse range of templates makes Glorify App the perfect dropshipping tool.

Camera capturing product image for dropshipping

Why are High-Quality Product Images Important for Dropshippers?

Visuals have become significantly important in the e-commerce world. This is primarily due to the increased competition in the industry, which has made it more than critical for dropshippers to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Visuals are not just required to satisfy aesthetics. They actually have a powerful impact on how customers perceive products and subsequently make decisions. Statistics have shown that 83% of customers are heavily influenced by product images when making a purchase online.

Moreover, visuals also play a significant role in creating a positive customer perception as they allow individuals to envision the product’s intricate details such as texture and colour, which subsequently plays a massive role in propelling purchase decisions.

Beautiful Dropshipper product image templates

Glorify’s dropsipping tool can allow you to turn your intended visuals into attractive product images. Product images are crucially important towards attracting and engaging potential customers, since the first thing customers see when visiting your website will be the product images themselves.

First impressions last, don’t they?

Which is why you need to ensure the first thing your target audience sets eyes on is high-quality and engaging, something that Glorify’s dropshipping tool can certainly help you achieve. If your product images are not very captivating, it is very likely that the majority of potential customers will click away.

On top of that, high-quality product images are also more likely to induce emotions by hitting particular sensory elements of customers. By illustrating product images in appealing and attractive settings, product images can create a sense of desire and yearning among customers, which can eventually go on to create a generous appeal of the product amongst the consumer base.

Why are high-quality product images particularly important in dropshipping?

In dropshipping, you are not in possession of the products and hence, all you have to showcase and attract customers are the product images. This makes having high-quality product images all the more important in dropshipping since low quality images would not only reflect poorly on your brand, but will also drive the increasingly tech savvy consumers of the current age away from your products.

Furthermore, one of the main challenges that dropshippers face is that many online buyers are highly uncertain regarding an online product’s appearance in real life, which often pushes them away from making an online purchase.

However, having high-quality product images will provide a vivid capture of the product’s appearance, features and dimensions, which is bound to help address this uncertainity since consumers will have an articulate visual representation of what they can expect to receive.

How do product images affect conversion rates in e-commerce?

Using High-Quality 360 Degree Product Images

360 degree product image

Using high-quality 360 degree product images has been proven to increase conversion rates by 22% for a brand. Product images affect conversion rates through a variety of different channels, with one of them being able to grab the immediate attention of customers, and subsequently encouraging them to spend more time exploring the product or website.

Building Credibility and Increasing Conversation Rates with Professional Product Images

Moreover, product images can also help make your dropshipping products look better, especially if you’re using the right dropshipping tool for your product image creation, such as the one offered by Glorify. The more appealing a product looks, the more likely consumers are to envision themselves owning the product, which can thereupon lead to increased conversion rates.

In addition to that, product images also have a significantly positive impact on credibility. Clear and professional product images can assure customers that the dropshipper is legit which can consequently increase the overall chances of product purchase.

Benefits of Using Glorify for Product Image Creation

The variety of different features provided by Glorify app makes it stand out amongst a range of different dropshipping tools and softwares available.

Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the major benefits of using Glorify app’s dropshipping tool for product image creation:

1. Abundant Availability of Templates

Glorify Templates library

Glorify has a decent collection of professionally pre-designed templates that dropshippers can use to enhance the visual appeal of their product images. The templates available on Glorify cover a wide range of preferences, as they include different types of backgrounds, layouts and colours to suit the varying product image creation needs of dropshippers.

2. User-friendly

Glorify user friendly ui/ux

The user interface of Glorify app is very user-friendly, which subsequently allows dropshippers to be able to explore different designs that can potentially be used for the product image creation.

Furthermore, the easy-to-use nature of the dropshipping tool enables users to create customized templates and also make relevant adjustments to their product images to enhance the overall quality.

Moreover, dropshippers can also add relevant text on the images to effectively highlight key features, promotions, or calls to action to enhance the overall persuasiveness of the product images.

3. Affordability

glorify pricing

Glorify is very easy on your wallet, as it offers affordable pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. The following are the different pricing plans offered by Glorify app:

  • Glorify’s free plan is perhaps the most alluring feature of the dropshipping tool, allowing users to have access to 10 credits and 5 downloads per month with the option of inviting unlimited guests onto your workspace.

  • The pro tier is priced at $7.49 per month and it gives users access to a 100 credits per month alongside unlimited downloads.

  • The business pricing plan costs $14.99 per month, and it provides unlimited credits and downloads. This is the perfect plan for big dropshipping businesses, allowing them to fully unlock the potential of Glorify App for creating high-quality product images, all at a very reasonable monthly rate

How does Glorify App help in creating high-quality product images for dropshipping?

Glorify enables dropshippers to have access to a variety of different product image creation and editing tools all under one place. This makes it more efficient for dropshippers to mass create high-quality product images for their business.

Glorify App’s wide range of features and tools, alongside its convenient user interface allows users without any designing background or experience to also easily create high-quality product images.

What are the key features of Glorify App that set it apart from other design tools?

Glorify has been able to set itself apart from other dropshipping tools and softwares by incorporating innovative and useful image creation and editing tools into its interface such as:

Best Practices for Creating High-Quality Product Images with Glorify App

Curating high-quality visually appealing product images with Glorify App’s dropshipping tool is no big hassle. However, here are a few tips you should take into consideration when using Glorify App’s editing tools:

  • Make sure to upload high resolution and well-lit images of your product onto Glorify App to make sure the product images have a solid foundation.

  • Always make sure to use the cropping tool to remove any unwanted captures off your product images.

  • Make sure to use appropriate props and backgrounds to complement your product. For example, if you're selling candles, you can use a wooden table or a plant pot as a prop to help customers better visualise the product.

Here are some of the key editing features in Glorify App that can enhance product images:

  • Adjusting colors: The image editing tool can allow you to adjust the colors of your product images, which can subsequently help make your products look more vibrant and also better complement your brand's colours.

  • Adding effects: Glorify App also allows you to add different effects to your product images, which can enhance the product images by making them look sharper and artistic.

  • Removing and adding backgrounds: The image editing tool can also remove backgrounds and replace them with the ones you prefer onto your product images. This can empower you to enhance the quality of your product images by allowing you to showcase your products in suitable environments that can consequently help customers better envision the product.

What are some best practices for creating compelling product images in dropshipping?

  • Make sure the product image is of high-quality and is well-lit.

  • Make sure the background is clean and does not have anything that can distract from the product.

  • Include pictures of the product from different angles.

  • Maintain a consistent visual style across all product images.

  • Use relevant keywords in your product descriptions and titles

  • Make sure that the text on your product image is well contrasted and is easily readable.

How can Glorify App help in optimizing images for different e-commerce platforms?

The image resizing and editing tools of Glorify App can allow dropshippers to optimize their product images into the right size for different e-commerce or social media platforms. This will ensure that the product images maintain their quality when uploaded onto different online platforms, and can also be easily loaded.


In a nutshell, incorporating high-quality product images into your dropshipping business is absolutely crucial towards acquiring a competitive edge for dropshippers. Customers in the current age are highly influenced by visuals, and the nature of dropshipping makes the availability of high-quality images all the more important.

There aren’t many dropshipping tools better than Glorify App to help you create high-quality product images. The easy to use interface, unique features and ability to optimize product images to suit different e-commerce platforms make it the ideal dropshipping tool.

The free tier plan of Glorify App provides more than sufficient features to help you enhance your dropshipping business’s aesthetics.

So, don’t wait too long, and head over to Glorify App now to check out its exciting dropshipping tool for high-quality image creation.

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